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"I make creative connections."

What is it I do? I make creative connections. Whether I’m connecting language and music, or text and image and space; whether I’m connecting ideas from different disciplines or methods from different media; or finding inspiration in the aesthetics of the past for innovative projects today. I look for what's unusual and unobserved. I associate and amplify elements to communicate a larger idea. I make metaphysical circuit boards. Rube Goldberg Rorschach tests. String and tin-can telescopes. I balance mobiles and tap them to see how they’ll spin. I play with magnets, that electric tension; flipping the poles, watching them snap together and fly apart.

And I love connecting and collaborating with other creative people of all types. I love encouraging and helping others to do the same. Most of my artistic education has come from working with other artists. That, and taking on things I don't know how to do.

Russell Hoban wrote, “Sometimes it's a one man circus and sometimes it's a twenty elephant restaurant.” And sometimes it's catching fire. And sometimes it's herding cats. Shaking peaches from trees and (to paraphrase Jules Verdone) shoveling sand into the ocean. Sometimes it's icing on a fake.

Whatever it is, if I get it right, it's never what I expected; it's often better than I could've imagined.

— Jeff Mellin





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