Small Step

A new song recorded for wiaiwya’s The Moon And Back compilation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 adventure.


Small Step

by Mock Rockets

Recorded for The Moon And Back, a limited edition double album of kosmische, pop, indie, alternative, DIY, and ambient tunes celebrating the Apollo 11 adventure from the good folks at wiaiwya records. Written by Jeff Mellin (Sweet Red Onion Publishing, BMI)

Produced & recorded by Jeff Mellin

wiaiwya album track premastered by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studio, Athens VT and maastered by Ian Button

Bryan Bickhart: drums

Blessing Osazuwa: backing vocal

Jeff Mellin: vocal, guitars, bass, piano, etc.

Joel Mellin: extra ears

Astronauts are going to the moon!

They will go very soon

They need a spoon

to eat the food

When they get to the moon

they will look for craters

and they might wonder

“Who were the makers?”

— Emerson Arthur Mellin, age 7